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Supply-side reform toy industry grasps the core of the "three products"

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Supply-side reform toy industry grasps the core of the "three products"


Since the end of last year, the "supply-side reform" mentioned by the central government several times has been repeatedly seen in news reports of major media, and has become a hot word in China's political and economic fields. What does supply-side reform mean for the development of various industries? How can we catch the tailwind of this reform and smoothly enter the "fast lane" of development?


It is reported that the Department of Consumer Goods Industry of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China has mentioned the supply-side reform of end-consumer products to the "schedule of agenda", clearly selected infants and young children's products as a breakthrough point, and launched the "three products" for increasing the variety, quality and brand of the consumer goods industry Work and plan to allocate 450 million yuan for special support during the year. The plan was specifically implemented by the provincial economic commissions. This is an opportunity and a "venture" for our toy industry to participate in "supply-side reform". The author suggests that toy companies can pay close attention to the notification of recent documents, and those who meet the requirements should boldly organize project declarations.


The "three products" plan of the toy industry can be promoted from three levels:


——Add variety. This is due to the needs of the entire market. The toy market's product update rate is faster than other consumer products. We need to increase our research and development efforts, actively introduce new products, and continue to introduce new, strange and special products. Recently, new technologies such as AR, VR, holographic imaging, and artificial intelligence, which have attracted a lot of attention in the market, can be used in the development of toy products to increase selling points and effectively increase the added value of products.


——Improve quality. Earlier this year, Premier Li Keqiang mentioned in his government work report that he encourages enterprises to develop personalized customization, flexible production, and cultivates the spirit of excellence in craftsmanship.


 The connotation of craftsmanship spirit refers to a sense of precision craftsmanship, every link, every process, every detail of each product is carefully polished, excellence, and the pursuit of excellence. The opposite of the craftsman spirit is the pursuit of short-term economic benefits, "short, flat, fast". China is the world's largest toy manufacturing base, but the level of manufacturing in the industry is very uneven. When the land and labor cost advantages we rely on are gradually lost, what should we use to participate in global competition and cooperation? It is the key to speed up technological innovation, carry forward the spirit of artisans, and make the manufacturing process to the extreme.


——Create a brand. According to relevant data statistics, in 2015, China's toy export value reached 30.803 billion US dollars, accounting for about 70% of the world's toy market share. Among them, the processing trade and general trade of Guangdong, a major toy export province, account for about half each.


It can be said that after more than 30 years of continuous development, China's toys have "emerged more and more wings", especially in terms of brand establishment and export. In recent years, it has developed rapidly and has achieved certain results. For example, in Guangdong Province, there are 20 to 30 toy companies applying for famous trademarks and brand-name products every year, and there is a strong atmosphere for companies to strive for excellence. However, the main market for toys is in Europe and the United States, and the long-term industrial division of labor is difficult to break. It is hoped that domestic game companies will take a long-term view and build it with conscientiousness. Through several years or more of hardening, they will gradually form their own product characteristics and brand advantages, and show the "Chinese Legion" style in the forest of world toy brands.


Supply-side reforms have launched a new round of development opportunities for the Chinese economy. Toy companies should ride on the "Dongfeng" of this reform, adhering to the concept of innovation, courage to open up, and overcome obstacles all the way, truly driving and promoting the entire industry into a healthy development track.